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Technical Reports

Authors: R. Otin and R. Isanta

CIMNE IT-639, 2013. [PDF]

Author:R. Otin

CIMNE IT-633, 2013. [PDF]

Authors:X. Roca, M. Coma, R. Otin, and J. Mora

CIMNE IT-628, 2012. [PDF]

Authors:R. Otin, R. Mendez, and O. Fruitos

CIMNE IT-618, 2011. [PDF]

Author: R. Otin

CIMNE IT-617, 2011. [PDF]

Authors: R. Mendez, R. Isanta, R. Otin, and O. Fruitos

CIMNE IT-594, 2009.

Author: R. Otin

CIMNE IT-584, 2009 [PDF]

Authors: R. Mendez, A. Ferriz, R. Otin, and O. Fruitos

CIMNE IT-536, 2008.

Author: J. Mora, R. Otin, P. Dadvand, E. Escolano, M. A. Pasenau, and E. Oñate

CIMNE PI-273, 2005.


Electromagnetic modeling of braided wire shields

R. Otin, H. Schippers, J. Verpoorte, and R. Isanta

Project HIRF SE (High Intensity Radiated Fields Synthetic Environment)

European Commission, FP7 ACP7-GA-2008-205294, December 2008 - May 2013.